Quality Excellence

Quality Excellence - mastering product and process quality along the value creation chain

These days, quality is much more than a mere image factor. Quality becomes a question of survival that has to be taken into consideration in all management decisions.

Increasing demands on the quality of systems, products and processes are the result of new legal requirements, increased competition and more discerning customer requirements with expectations of more functions or better service. Each deviation is a cause for complaints these days and becomes a crucial cost factor. In addition to a consistent quality culture, the ability to react promptly and effectively to quality problems is a crucial competitive factor.

Advantages of Quality Excellence problem solving approach

  • More effective resource allocation by focusing on main problem areas
  • Rapid identification of causes using targeted use of methods
  • Determination of long-term countermeasures based on the causes identified
  • Continuous quality improvement through problem solving expertise
  • Limitation of costs and assurance of deadlines through quick response

Services for Quality Excellence

Quality strategies

  • Strategy definition
  • Strategy elaboration
  • Development of principles of excellence and mission statements
  • Selection and implementation of corresponding quality methods

Quality control and management

  • Development and implementation of a quality measuring system
  • Development of a performance measurement system
  • Development of effective quality reporting
  • Certification advice

Risk avoidance

  • "Design to risk" – comprehensive analysis of product and process risks
  • Identification of risks - conceptual risks
  • Verification of risks

Problem solving

  • Problem solving during the development phase
  • Problem solving in the production process
  • Problem solving during the use of the product in the field
  • Task force management in recall campaigns and supply chain disruptions