First steps at Staufen Táktica

The first step on the career ladder.

For interns, university students and trainees.

Have you graduated from high school or are you working on your university degree? Take your first big step towards a successful professional future by doing an internship, traineeship or bachelor's or master's thesis at Staufen.

Your vocational training at Staufen

We offer both classic sales-related vocational training as well as dual-degree programs. You can find more general information about these programs at (German only). Current openings at Staufen can be found under our job listings.

Your internship at Staufen

Internships at Staufen are generally offered both in consulting as well as one of our back-office fields such as marketing, the Academy, HR or sales. In addition to internships  that are mandatory in certain degree programs, we also offer voluntary internships scheduled individually (including ones of more than three months). Current internship offers can be found under our job listings. If there is not a suitable listing, we would welcome your proactive application. Please indicate the time frame you are available.


Pascal Kolb, Consultant im Team Automotive, Staufen AG

Staufen's consultants are a dedicated troupe — all working towards the same goal. They always have the clear objective of yielding excellent successes with their clients. Back in my student days I got to know their consulting work, and as someone starting out in the workforce, I feel like I'm being challenged in all the right ways. Being here is moving me forward, professionally and personally.“

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Lara Schlegel

HR Business Partner

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