Our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience.

Competence and experience on call.

Trainer with competence and experience.

It goes without saying that our trainers all stand out due to their competence and experience. What else makes them so remarkable? All of our trainers have backgrounds in the industry. They themselves were managers and executives for many years, and they of all people understand the tasks which their

participants and coachees face. Instead of teaching vague theory, they all offer valuable and tried-and-true experience for a practical approach to everyday work life. And they do so in a agreeably authentic and approachable way. You’ll see: learning from them is a pleasure.

 Adilson Ahvener
10 years of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Administration and Logistics experience
Leading several successful projects in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Industries
Trainer and Coach in Lean Administrative Certification Projects
More than 20 years experience in the automotive and electronics industries as Logistics and Purchasing Manager, Industrial Manager and Process Engineer
Senior Manager at Staufen Táktica since 2013
 Nilton Giachetta
Conduced several successful implementations of Shop floor Management, continuous improvement Kaizen in industry and Lean Layout in warehouses
Working experience of more than 25 years in auto parts and hydraulics industry in both serial and engineered to order environments. Main roles: Plant Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Project Manager
 Gyorgy Henyei
Leadership / Management experience in Innovation, Quality, Operations, Materials Testing and Training
Leadership / Management experience in Manufacturing, Research & Development
30+ years of experience in the Industry (Earth Moving Machinery, Caterpillar Inc)
Part of the team that created and implemented the Caterpillar Production System, CPS
Working experience in Lean Transformation projects (direct / indirect areas) in several Caterpillar sites
Networking (Local / International Associations, Industry, Academy and Research Centers)
Senior Advisor at STAUFEN.Táktica, Brasil since 2015
 Paulo Lima
22 years of consulting experience mainly in Lean Transformation and Productivity Improvement
Management of successful projects in MTO and automotive environment
Management of international lean transformations as management trainer und coach
Lean Coach for Volvo Trucks and Alstom Hydro
Founder of Táktica Lean Consulting and is currently board member of Staufen Táktica
 Nilton Marchiori
More than 13 years experience as a consultant in Lean tools implementation;
Senior expert in kaizen methodology
21 years experience leading improvement projects in Mercedes Benz do Brasil
Senior Consultant expert of Staufen Táktica since 2013
 Luciano Peloche
20 years of lean and operational excellence background
Management of successful Lean transformation projects in Brazil, Europe, Asia and Africa; International experience in several countries leading lean projects in manufacturing, services, construction and engineering.
PMP (Project Management Professional) since 2010;
Working experience as lean coordinator in automotive and pharmaceutical companies and industrial excellence manager at Natura Cosmetics.
Principal at STAUFEN.Táktica since 2018
 Felipe Pereira
More than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial management developed in major companies in the segments of consumer and capital goods such as Siemens, Legrand and Weatherford in the areas of Production, Industrial Engineering, Product Development, PCP, Maintenance, Project Management and Continuous Improvement.
Responsible for the implementation of programs of Lean Manufacturing in the plants where he worked, as well as the management of programs of operational excellence.
 José Pires
30 years experience in Industrial Environment
8 years experience in Lean Transformation and efficiency improvement
Management of successful projects in Make to Order / Job Shop environment
Management of international lean transformations as management trainer and coach
Working experience in automotive industry – 5 years
Working experience as Industrial Engineering Manager in Alstom Hydro Brazil
Global Manufacturing Director at Alstom Hydro France
 Fábio Silva
15 year of consulting experience
Management of successful Lean transformation projects in Brazil and Latin America; International experience in Asia / China leading lean projects and new manufacturing sites design, relocation and setup
PMP (Project Management Professional) since 2009; Certified Black Belt since 2004
Working experience as manufacturing manager in plastics industry and Corporate Operational
Excellence Manager in 25 sites in Votorantim Cements
Partner of STAUFEN.Táktica since 2014
 Vicente Sinkunas
9 years corporate and consulting experience implementing and sustaining Lean business excellence
Management and hands-on conduction of national and international projects
Lean specialist & trainer certified by Daimler/Mercedes-Benz/Reutlingen University and ICI executive coach
More than 20 years international work experience at Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, MTU and STAUFEN.Táktica
Lean Six Sigma projects and trainings in manufacturing and administration environments
 Dário Spinola
16 years experience in management and Lean Transformation
Management of successful projects in MTO, series production and service environment
Expert in Toyota Kata and executive coaching for Lean leadership
Project Director (interim) for transfer and installation of Alstom Hydro China new factory
Co-founder of Táktica Lean Consulting and is currently board member of Staufen Táktica
 Nathalia Yamanaka
5 years experience in Lean Transformation and efficiency improvement
Industrial and administrative processes analysis and improvements implementation in Brazil and in Germany
Lean management and administration trainer, coach for improvement projects in several areas as quality, engineering, HR, sales, supply chain, logistics among others. Implementation projects experience in financial institutions.
Working experience in supply chain at Whirlpool LA