Lean & Industry 4.0

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Lean & Industry 4.0

Smart Factory

Many manufacturing companies have successfully implemented Lean methods. Putting aside the media exaggerations about Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Factory, we focus on what really matters, not on the buzzwords, and show the similarities and differences between the two approaches. There will also be a focus on how a combination of both approaches can further increase productivity within the company. You will learn about the benefits associated with successfully combining these two approaches and you will discover that Industry 4.0 covers far more than merely IT solutions or technologies that promise rapid success.

  • 1 Day
  • Curitiba - PR
  • 1290 BRL
  • pt

Contents and topics

  • Industry 4.0 Basiscs / Intelligent Factory
  • Examples for successful implementation
  • Business models and product development effects
  • Examples and exercises
  • Final discussion, feedback and certification
Staufen Táktica
Supply Chain Managers, Factory Managers, Production Managers