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Lean Administration

Ideal administrative processes aimed at creating value

In indirect areas, many improvement opportunities are hidden in the process. Today, many improvement projects are isolated in a single function of the company as Lean projects in engineering, purchases, sales... and not in a process. Consequently the results are on time and with a smal success, not as encompassing the interfaces process and vey often not  identifying the cause of the problems point. Lead time increasingly short, contractual terms of deadlines with clients and suppliers, as well as an exceptional quality are the challenges that managers find.So to be ahead in this increasingly competitive environment, it is essential to implement a holistic system that encompasses all process functions in order to optimize through the Lean concepts.

    Contents and topics

    • Discussion with senior managers and exchange of ideas regarding the optimization potential and implementation processes with minimal waste.
    • Insight into a corporate culture based on processes that "move to Lean"
    • Possible challenges and barriers that may be encountered on the way to "Lean Administration"
    • Learn how to build an efficient and effective organization and how to direct it estrategicamante
    • Final discussion, feedback and certification
    Staufen Táktica
    Executives and all managerial level of indirect areas