Development of Lean Experts

Lean Expert and Trainer Development

Development of Lean Experts

Basic Training- Fundamentals of lean management, problem solving and social skills

Future Lean Experts will be responsible for support and assist the Lean transformation and enhance the process of continuous improvement. They should also be able to manage teams with efficiency. For this, knowledge and ability to perform in terms of dealing with conflicts, demotivation and other difficulties in the process of change are basics requirements. In this side of view , our instructors will provide a fundamental knowledge of Lean Management, value added, processes organization with minimum waste and continuous improvement. And in this other side of view, you will learn about methods of problem solving and social skills required such as moderation and presentation techniques to increase your power of persuasion in the daily working environment.

    Contents and topics

    • Lean Management Fundamentals
    • Successful modes of communication, presentation and moderation
    • Social processes and work in teams
    • Organising workshops and continuous improvement department
    • Troubleshooting techniques and tools for analysis
    • Management and project planning
    • Final discussion, feedback and certification
    Staufen Táktica
    Future Lean Specialists and Continuous Improvement, Future Lean Trainers and Continuous Improvement