Advanced training for Lean Experts

Lean Expert and Trainer Development

Advanced training for Lean Experts

Improve your social skills, leadership and training

Sustainable organizational change requires empowered people to promote and realize them. Would you like to organize your improvement process and establish their own capacity for change in a professional manner? These initiatives are led by the Continuous Improvement Team Manager, who is responsible for developing the Lean instructors. The instructors have a systemic view of the all and they will be the future coaches and partners to other managers and employees. Professionally, they will be responsible for maintaining the uniformity in the Lean implementation. This task requires individuals with a deep knowledge of best practices in all areas and a readiness to take a leading role. Besides, the Lean Experts should have a strong social skills, methodological and reporting.

    Contents and topics

    • Development of technological and methodological skills
    • Understanding of the social and management skills
    • Practical workshop
    • Communication skills and training
    • Leadership skills of continuous improvement area
    • Final discussion, feedback and certification
    Staufen Táktica
    Future Lean Specialists who already have workshop experiences and Lean implementation